Masters of Luxury 2017

7 t/m 11 december was het weer zover. Tout bekend Nederland kon zich in zijn mooiste galajurk of smoking hijsen om zich vervolgens te begeven naar de RAI waar inmiddels de 16e editie van Masters of LXRY een feit was. Of je nu langskwam voor een lekker drankje, om de mooiste auto’s te bewonderen [...]

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3D Print Magazine – Magic Candy Factory

Sinds augustus 2017 kunnen ook Nederlandse consumenten hun eigen snoep 3D printen. Food Innovations in Zaandam haalt Katjes Magic Candy Factory naar de Benelux. Dit is een FDM printer, geschikt om met natuurlijke veganistische ingrediënten verschillende vormen te printen. Gebruikers kunnen zelfs hun eigen Sweet Selfie ontwerpen, uploaden en een paar minuten later 3D [...]

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Digical Show 2016 Videos Now Online

This awesome company led by Melissa Snover is bringing 3D printed food into the mainstream, as the first consumer retail food printer to ever be launched in the market. The Magic Candy Factory creates customized 3D printed gummy candy in stores in the USA and Europe, and will soon be expanding to the UK, Middle [...]

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A sweet-lovers dream, a chance to print your own candy!

The creators of The Katjes Magic Candy Factory are very excited to have launched their innovative 3D confectionery experience within The Custard Factory. A magical launch of The Beta -Test store witnessed EXTRAODRINARY popularity, with a que that left the shop and spread across the pavement for 30 meters. The creators of The Magic Candy [...]

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People – The World’s First 3D Candy Printer Lets You Print Your Own Gummies

Dylan’s Candy Bar is changing the confectionary game – again. The sweets shop partnered with the Magic Candy Factory to bring the world’s first 3D candy printer to the United States. “It’s so cool, and I think it’s just such a great way to take candy to a new level,” Dylan Lauren, the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, tells PEOPLE. [...]

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